Pipe of Upward Launching


A fine cherrywood smoking pipe pipe. Holding it up to your lips, your head feels light and your feet feel like they’re not touching the ground anymore.

Pipe of Upward Launching
  • Type: Crafter Pipe
  • Material: Cherrywood (Good quality material)
  • Craft: 26
  • Caster Level: 10

When filled with tobacco (or other, possibly illicit substances), lit and imbibed for a few minutes, it confers the smoker with the effects of an something similar to an Updraft spell, launching them 300 feet into the air in a single second, then slowly letting them drift to the ground over the course of 3 minutes (10 feet down per round). Should the wearer hit anything on his way up, he takes 2d6 points of damage and immediately begins to fall. A Reflex save DC 11 allows the smoker to regain control shortly before he hits the ground, giving him a safe landing. This effect only works so long as the user is on stable ground.

The user leaves a trail of fine-smelling smoke behind them which lingers for a minute or so before dissipating, unless subjected to winds.


Pipe of Upward Launching

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