Phoenix's Wrap


A expansive swath of golden yellow silk, fringed and shot through with golden-red feathers from a phoenix’s plumage. The silks have been crushed and softened by years of wear, but are still vibrant and whole. The phoenix’s wrap is long enough to be used as a sash and broad enough to be worn as a heavy shawl, but it is obviously intended to be worn as a voluminous scarf.

Phoenix’s Wrap
  • Type: Magic Scarf
  • Material: Young Phoenix Feather (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 41
  • Caster Level: 13

While wearing the phoenix’s wrap, an individual is protected from trials which would ordinarily be fatal. The wearer of the Scarf increases their maximum hit points by their Constitution modifier plus the die size of their most recently gained hit die. For example, a character with a 20 Constitution who’d most recently leveled in rogue (and gained a 1d8 hit die) would increase their maximum hit points by 13 while wearing the phoenix’s wrap. In addition, the wearer receives a +2 enhancement bonus on saving throws against poison or petrification effects.

Additionally, once a day the wrap may be activated as a standard action to teleport the wearer to any location well known to them within twenty miles (otherwise as-per to Greater Teleport). Unfortunately, the wrap accomplishes this by “destroying” the wearer’s body in flame, and reforming it at the destination, dealing fire damage to the wearer equal to 50% of their maximum hit points, but will never reduce them to less than 1 hit point. This damage ignores fire resistance and a creature immune to fire damage cannot benefit from this effect.

The phoenix’s wrap may occupy the neck or shoulders slot. The phoenix feathers that make up the majority of the wrap grant the item fire resistance 30, but impart no resistances to the wearer.


Phoenix's Wrap

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