The NeverEnding Journal

The NeverEnding Journal
  • Type: Altered Journal
  • Material: Cold Iron (Great material)
  • Craft Check: 40
  • Caster Level: 15

This journal constantly smells of libraries drying ink, and when flipped through, never seems to reach the last page. This book stores all writing, and while looking through the book the user can focus on what he or she is searching for and the notebook will open to the next instance of appropriate content, or on a subject that is as close to what the user is searching for (GM Discretion), assuming the information in question is unlocked. This usage of the book takes 1 minute.

This Journal can also be locked, requiring a password to access certain types of information. Should a user try to access information under a lock without thinking the password, the book will show a blank page. To lock information, the user must think of the information he wishes to lock, and then the password he or she wishes to use. This usage of the book takes 1 minute.

A master password can be set up for the book, allowing a user to override any previous passwords on information, as well as remove any previous locked information. This usage takes 1 hour of time, and special incense worth 200 gp. Attempting to ‘activate blindly’ the Master Password is a UMD check at a -5.

A user can erase information from the book (as per the Erase spell, limited to only information in the Journal and only on the selected information). Should the information be locked, the user must think the appropriate password (or use the Master Password) to access it, else the erase will fail. The erase functions as the Erase spell (limited to one page, front and back, at a time), however the user can choose to erase select information written in specific color of inks (Erase everything written in blue), or specific type of inks or other writable substances (pencil lead, blood, etc).

Any pieces of paper pulled from the Journal dissolve into nothingness once the paper is separated from the book.

In addition, this book is protected with a continuous Magic Aura and Mask Dweomer.

Altered: Twice per day, a character may pour an entire vial of ink worth 8 gp onto a page of the book (typically a 1 round action). The character may write out a short question within the pool of ink. The book will then consume the ink and will then offer some advice as-per Augury (CL 5th, 75% accuracy) if the question is appropriate for such an effect. Additionally, once per day, a character may slowly drip two entire vials of differently colored inks worth 8 gp each onto a page of the book in a 1 minute ritual. At the end of this ritual, the character may write a single question within the pool of ink. The book will then consume the ink and provide advice and guidance to the best of its ability, using the spell Divination (CL 15, 85% accuracy) if the question is appropriate for such an effect. The questions and results of both the Auguries and Divinations performed by the book will always be relayed via the book, and will be preserved within the book unless erased.


The NeverEnding Journal

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