Necklaces of Communication


A pair of beautifully tooled silver necklaces set with surprisingly pure teal dioptase. The gems set in these necklaces shimmer faintly when spoken to.

Necklaces of Communication
  • Type: Crafter Necklace
  • Material: Good Dioptase
  • Craft: 52

Once per day, the bearer of each necklace can send a message (as the Sending spell) to the bearer of the other necklace. If a necklace’s mate is not in a creature’s possession, no message is sent and you know the communication has failed. If either necklace of the pair is destroyed, the other becomes useless.

These necklaces, done with a Serran motif, were commissioned by Cayden as a Festival of Light’s gift for Abigail.


Necklaces of Communication

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