Mirror-Breaker's Visage


An elaborate ginko wood mask, skillfully carved and painted in the stylized likeness of a kitsune. The inside of this mask feels smooth and wooden, though appears to be a mass of broken mirrors, each one reflecting back an image of your face – a different inked kanji mark on your forehead in every shard.

Mirror-Breaker’s Visage
  • Type: Shintairokku Mask
  • Material: Ginko Wood (Good quality material)
  • Craft: 35
  • Caster Level: 15

Donning this mask, it grows and adheres itself to your face. This mask can only be removed voluntarily by its wearer – no other force will dislodge it. This mask is a vessel for the voluntarily trapped kami, Mirror-Breaker, the risen soul of an ancient akki. So long as the bearer has learned the secrets of tapping Mirror-Breaker’s power, the bearer gains access to the following supernatural and spell-like abilities while wearing the mask.

  • Mirrored Conjurations (Su): Drawing on the prowess of the trapped kami, the bearer may use any mirrored surface as a focus replacement for any Conjuration spell he casts, the Conjuration appearing to move through the mirror as it manifests. The mirror must have a value equal to or greater than that of the focus normally required for the conjuration, though it may also eschew materials for material components worth 1 gp or less. Unlike a normal focus, the mirror need not be in hand to be used, but merely within the initial range of the spell. However, if out of hand when used as a focus (or when used to eschew materials), the mirror becomes the new origin point for the spell (meaning, for instance, a summoned creature would appear within Short range of the mirror, rather than the caster).
  • Twisted Image (Su): If a mirror worth at least (spell level x 20) gp is broken as an augmenting material component while casting a Conjuration spell, the spiritual power within the mask can merge the fragments of the mirror into the conjuration. The spell gains the following benefits:
    • +2 caster levels for the purposes of resisting Dispel or counter attempts.
    • Damaging conjuration spells are conjured with the jagged mirror shards, dealing an additional 3d6 points of slashing damage. Spells that deal damage over multiple turns only deal 1d6 points of additional slashing damage on iterative turns.
    • Summoned creatures appear to be merged with razor sharp mirror shards. They gain spell resistance equal to 8+double the spell level of the spell that conjured them and their natural attacks deal an additional 1d6 points of slashing damage and gain the Keen quailty. However, the creatures suffer a -3 penalty to their natural armor (to a minimum of 0).

While breaking a small hand mirror can easily be done while casting a spell (Strength check DC 5, given a hard surface or other weapon to strike it against), breaking a larger or hardier mirror requires a separate action and/or a greater Strength check.

  • Broken Reflections (Sp): Sending forth the spiritual energies of the kami, the bearer may grab hold of a Conjuration spell he controls and fracture it, splitting its powers. Ripping the energies of the spell apart, the bearer halves the remaining duration of the chosen spell and creates a mirrored clone of the spell. This mirrored spell has all the same properties of the initial spell and is functionally “recast”, but the mirrored spell only has a duration of 1d4 rounds (or one-half the remaining duration of the split spell, rounded down, whichever is lower). The bearer must be within may be within Short range of a Conjuration spell he controls to split it. Any time a Summoned creature or similarly animate conjuration is split in this fashion, both halves gain the benefits of a Haste spell so long as both exist.

This splitting requires one lesser action than that normally required to cast the spell (so a standard action cast spell could be split as a swift, a 1 round cast spell split as a standard, etc). Because of the unique nature of control involved in Calling spells (the spell usually just binding the creature, rather than creating it), attempting to split a Calling spell rarely has any beneficial effect.

This mask exudes a considerable amount of spiritual energy, and detects as being Chaotic Neutral.


Mirror-Breaker's Visage

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