Mantle of Lost Magic


A fine silk cloak, designed with a cut popular among many fashionable spellcasters. A noble’s insignia is embroidered on the back of the cloak in fine golden thread. Though the insignia seems far older than the rest of the cloak, it roils with a faint golden energy that makes it seem incredibly vibrant.

Mantle of Lost Magic
  • Type: Altered Cloak
  • Material: Silk (Great material)
  • Craft: 34
  • Caster Level: 15

The Mantle of Lost Magic is a cloak themed towards mystical protections against magic.

Focused Survival (Will): Grants a +5 Resistance bonus on Fortitude and Reflex saving throws. Grants a +6 Resistance bonus on Will saving throws. n addition, once per day as an immediate action, the wearer may choose to reroll a Will saving throw before they know the result of the roll (this effect cannot reroll a natural 1).

Altered: This alteration grants the Focused Survival enchantment two additional rerolls on Will saving throws per day. Each time the Will reroll is used, the wearer gains a +4 insight bonus on Will saves until the beginning of their next turn.


Mantle of Lost Magic

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