Holy Storm

weapon (melee)

A unique longsword mystically tied to a buckler bearing the golden image of a lion’s face, much like an overgrown basket hilt. The center of the blade rolls like water, shimmering a faint gold in the light.

Holy Storm
  • Type: Altered Masterwork Longsword
  • Material: Light Frystalline Truesteel (Good material); 10 Hardness, 5 Hit Points
  • Craft: 34
  • Caster Level: 17

Holy Storm is a Crafter item themed towards the concept of a holy rain, washing the world clean of evil. The item is currently enchanted with the following effects

Holy Surge – Altered: This weapon bears an altered Holy Surge enchantment. The wielder may once per round use a free action to deal 3d6 points of holy damage to a struck enemy. This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to the wielder’s Wisdom bonus. If Holy Storm has run out of charges for it’s Holy Surge ability, Holy Storm deals an additional 1d8 points of holy damage on a critical hit.

Holy Storm – Altered: Whenever holy storm strikes an evil opponent or the bearer casts an offensive spell at an evil opponent, the bearer may choose to activate an Empowered Holy Storm as a free action. This storm follows the bearer and the penalties imposed by the storm do not affect good aligned creatures. The storm lasts for 5 rounds before dissipating.

Altered: Once per day, the wielder may use a swift action to grant Holy Storm or another touched weapon the benefits of Blessed Weapon (CL 13). If the weapon blessed by this effect is already good-aligned, the Blessed Weapon effect deals an additional 1d6 points of holy damage on a critical hit.

Altered: Holy storm may only be wielded in one hand due to the buckler mystically tied to its hilt. This buckler is treated as a worn buckler for all purposes, though it does not impose a penalty on attacks like normal bucklers. The buckler may not be specifically enchanted (as it is a part of this weapon), but it can bear the wearer’s normal shield enchantments.


Holy Storm

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