Grand Explorer's Hat


A high-crowned, wide-brimmed sable fedora, well worn from use and almost perpetually dusty. Faint music can be heard while wearing this hat, but just barely too quiet to make out any details..

Grand Explorer’s Hat
  • Type: Wild-warped Hat
  • Material: Wool-felt (Good quality material)
  • Craft Check: 22 (once higher, though wear has effectively reduced it)
  • Caster Level: 18

The grand explorer’s hat is an unusually lucky object, any saving throw made by the hat gains a +5 luck bonus and any attack roll made against the hat has a 50% miss chance (the attacks missing in a comically unlikely way). This luck bonus additionally applies to any check made to rescue or retrieve the hat from a precarious position (GM discretion).

The hat is wild-warped, and emits a vibrant chaotic aura. The hat was successfully challenged, launching the party into a spiritual challenge in a fantastic desert adventure, attuning the hat to Ned. Once per day as a standard action, Ned may throw the hat (5 ft range increment) and speak a specific command word (“I seek adventure!”) to conjure Reno Jackson wherever the hat landed (Summoning effect, CL 18). The hat effectively does not exist while Reno is conjured (it has become a part of the conjuration). Reno is not completely under the the owner’s control, but is easily swayed by them (as-per Charm Person). reno remains summoned for 18 rounds, after which point he disappears and the grand explorers hat falls to the ground wherever he was standing.

If 2500 gp worth of coins, gemstones, or other treasures are placed within the hat before it is thrown, Reno will appear and barter with the owner to aid them for a longer period of time (as-per Greater Planar Ally). Due to the size limitations of the hat, this treasure must usually be of relatively small size. If Reno is “killed” while aiding the caster for a long task, the grand explorer’s hat will become nonmagical for 1 week.


Grand Explorer's Hat

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