Frostblade Amulet


An elaborate silver necklace of obviously Ocean Angel design, a beautifully polished frost agate sitting center in the design. Unique flaws in the frost agate make it appear that snowflakes dance along it as it shifts in the light.

Frostblade Amulet
  • Type: Altered Necklace
  • Material: Frost Agate (Great quality material)
  • Craft Check: 34
  • Caster Level: 5

The Frostblade Amulet is a Crafter item that has not yet been themed.

Frigid Weapons: Touching a weapon to the amulet as a standard action, freezing air and shards of ice will spill out from the frost agate, granting the wielded weapon the Frost weapon special ability. This transformation remains for 1 hour or until someone else uses the weapon, though multiple weapons may be chilled in this fashion at once. The bearer’s hands become chilled while this transformation is active, imposing a -3 penalty on any check that requires fine manipulation and reducing the armor granted by any held shield by -1. While this chill is enough to bother others and lightly chill drinks, it causes no damage or further effect. An immunity to cold prevents this chilling effect, though resistances are ineffective. This transformation (ending as many as desired) may be undone as a move action, simply by gripping the amulet with an empty hand.

Altered: Once per day, the wearer may bring the amulet to his forehead as a full-round action, spreading the freezing chill through the whole of his body. For 10 minutes, the bearers suffers double the imposed penalties of the chill, but all weapons the bearer wields gain the Frost weapon property and the bearer beings to freeze any water around him (around half and inch of water per round, to a depth of 1-2 inches depending on current). This ability has many unique side effects, such as causing it to snow around the character, protecting against extreme heat, extinguishing nonmagical fires or even weak magical fires by mere proximity (a small campfire usually taking about 30 seconds), chill drinks, or even walk over water (mimicing the effects of Lily Pad Stride). Using this ability underwater is, unsurprisingly, a very poor idea.


Frostblade Amulet

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