weapon (melee)

A multihued longsword that twists and writhes, almost like a snake, and very seemingly with a mind of its own. A small piece of roguestone has been embedded into its hilt, fractured glyphs adorn the dark leather hiltwrap.

  • Type: Altered Masterwork Longsword
  • Material: Mithral (Good quality material); 20 Hardness, 25 Hit Points
  • Craft: 34
  • Caster Level: 18

Flux is a Crafter item that has not yet been themed.

Flux benefits from the Blurstrike enchantment and, despite its appearance, is a perfectly functional weapon.

Flux has a unique Wild enchantment on it, warped by its innate magics. Every time the weapon is used to strike an opponent there is a 50% chance that a Wild Surge will occur. Whenever the wielder casts a spell, they may choose to have Flux create a wild surge in addition to the cast spell. If the rolled wild surge would alter a spell but doesn’t have a valid spell to effect, a ferret is conjured someone in the bearer’s possessions and they reroll. Wild Mages wielding Flux may benefit from their class abilities and may wild surge like a wild mage, all other wielders wild surge as if they were in an area of wild magic. All wild surges count the wielder as the caster and the struck creature (or target(s) of the cast spell) as the target.

Altered: Whenever the wielder activates the Blurstrike enchantment on Flux, the wielder may make a single opponent flat-footed against the next spell he casts that round (as if the spell benefited from Blurstrike). An enemy immune to the effects of Blustrike is immune to this altered use of it as well.

Flux is a minorly intelligent item, capable expressing its limited thoughts and emotions by warping its form, hates to be sheathed, and loves light-hearted comedy.



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