Flamewreath Gauntlets


A pair of crimson-enameled steel gauntlets with fire agates set into the knuckles. The gems glow faintly in the presence of fire.

Flamewreath Gauntlets
  • Type: Magic Gauntlets
  • Material: Fire Agate (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 22
  • Caster Level: 9

While wearing these gauntlets, the wearer may produce a single bolt of flame as a standard action so long as they have a free hand. This bolt deals 4d4 points of fire damage as a ranged touch attack and has a range of 60 feet. This ability may be used 25 times per day.

Additionally, these gauntlets have 3 charges, which are renewed each day at dawn. Spending 1 or more charges as a swift action allows you to deal fire damage to an adjacent target as a melee touch attack.

  • 1 charge: 3d6 points of fire damage.
  • 2 charges: 4d6 points of fire damage.
  • 3 charges: 5d6 points of fire damage.

Alternately, these gauntlets may be activated as part of a charge as a free action by expending 1 charge. If the attack at the end of the charge hits, the struck target and all foes adjacent to them take 2d6 points of fire damage.


Flamewreath Gauntlets

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