Faewoods Field Guide


An old and worn tome bound in deerhide and scored with an emerald coatl. The text is surprisingly written in an older dialect of kip with a neat and careful hand.

Faewoods Field Guide
  • Type: Magic Tome
  • Material: Deer Hide (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 14
  • Caster Level: 20

This book is slightly extradimensional and contains more pages than its size would let on, each one discussing the nature of the wilds and the faewoods. This book works as a library for all simple to moderate difficulty Knowledge (nature) checks and up to hard check with regards to the fae and faewoods, allowing the character to reroll a failed knowledge check once without the need to invest another rank in the Knowledge skill or seek out a specific treatise on the subject, though such a use still takes one-quarter as long as researching in a library normally would (typically resulting in a minimum of 30 minutes).

If a reader spends three days reading the tome they gain benefits depending on the extent of their existing knowledge in the field:

  • Has skill ranks: The reader gains a bonus on Knowledge (nature) equal to 3 minus their ranks in the Knowledge.
  • No skill ranks: The reader can make Knowledge (nature) checks as if they had training.
  • Not a class skill: The bearer gains a +3 bonus on Knowledge (nature) checks.

The book must be perused for 10 minutes every day for the reader to continue to gain this benefit. The effects granted by the book adjust depending on the reader’s changing knowledge. Only one person may benefit from this effect at a time.


Faewoods Field Guide

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