Emerald Dragonscale Bracers


A pair of roughly crafted bracers made of brilliant green dragonscales and vestigial draconic horns. These bracers carry a sense of warmth and friendship with them.

Emerald Dragonscale Bracers
  • Type: Dweomered Dragonscale Bracers
  • Material: Adult Canopy Dragonscale (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 20
  • Caster Level: 9

The wearer of these bracers gains acid resistance 5 and a +3 enhancement bonus to natural armor. Once per day as a move action, the bearer may activate these bracers to affect the vegetation in an area centered on him as per Entangle for 1 minute (DC 13). The bearer may alternately choose to have the effect emanate from the bracers themselves, creating a mass of acidic dragonscale vines. This use of the bracers halves the radius of the effect, increases the save DC of the spell to 16, and obviously removes the need for adjacent plant life. Additionally, the dragonscale vines deal 1d4 extra points of acid damage whenever targets fail their saves against them. The bearer must still save against entanglement as per normal and while producing these dragonscale vines the bracers cannot be removed and the bearer is always prevented from running or charging while active and the Entangle effect does travel with the bearer while producing this unique effect.


Emerald Dragonscale Bracers

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