Dream Disjuncters

weapon (ranged)

A small glass grenade containing 16 different herbal and mystical unguents held in careful arrangement. Despite their encasing, they smell unmistakably of ammonia. The symbol of the Keepers is engraved prominently on the grenades.

Dream Disjuncters
  • Type: Artifice Grenade
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Craft: 40
  • Caster Level: -

These sturdy glass grenades are a masterpiece of modern alchemy, made possible only thanks to their intricate artifice shell. As a standard action, a character can pull a grenade’s pin and throw the grenade (the grenade has a 5 ft. range increment and 5 increments). When thrown and struck against a solid surface with ranged touch attack, the ingredients will mix and a thin mist will erupt from within, spreading into a 20 ft radius This alchemical mist is disruptive to deceptive magics, acting in all ways as a mundane Revelation spell (effective caster level 15). However, the mists are particularly destructive to the false realities of the dreamscape, dissolving less stable elements of the dream. For instance, the mists would not typically affect the environment of a dream, but are certainly capable of revealing a disguised dreamer or dreamwalker, or destroying the manipulations of a dreambound. The mists can be dispersed or destroyed in much the same way an Obscuring Mist, though, unlike many fogs, the grenades function perfectly well underwater.

Once the pin is pulled from the grenade, the grenade will explode on its own in 4 rounds if not broken before then. If broken without the pin being pulled, the grenade is destroyed to no effect, other than creating a sticky mess.

The party and their allies currently have a net total of 29 Dream Disjuncters. Counts by character are as follows:

  • Cayden: 3
  • Ned: 2
  • Reikhardt: 2
  • Fire-Feather: 2
  • Ethan: 3
  • Jayden: 2
  • Simon: 2
  • Gurk: 3
  • Jestakrosa: 3
  • Kamahl: 2
  • Ink-Eyes: 3
  • At the camp: 2

Dream Disjuncters

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