Crusader's Edge

weapon (melee)

A surprisingly heavy but finely balanced mithral longspear, set into a shaft of nearly golden wirewood. A large golden pearl is set into the base of the weapon, warm sunlight constantly wraps the stone.

Crusader’s Edge
  • Type: Masterwork Longspear
  • Material: Mithral (Castle-forged Good quality material); 12 Hardness, 45 Hit Points plus Wirewood shaft (bonus hit points already factored in)
  • Craft: 41
  • Caster Level: 15

Crusader’s Edge benefits from the Sacred Burst enchantment. While any wielder gains use of this passive benefit, only an attuned wielder may tap into the true power of this weapon.

Attunement requires the wielder stand vigil overnight at a temple or sacred site to a good-aligned deity in aggressively hostile territory. The spear must be held up to catch the last glimmer of sunset and the first rays of dawn. Only one person may be attuned to Crusader’s Edge at a time, any previous attunement breaking as soon as a new attunement is made.

While attuned to Crusader’s Edge and wielding the longspear with two hands, the weapon creates a soft radiance of holy energy that washes across its wielder’s body. While this radiance is passing across them, the wielder’s attacks with any natural or held weapons deal an additional 1d8 points of holy damage and gain a +2 competence bonus to hit evil enemies. Additionally, the radiance allows the wielder to cast Righteous Blow at-will as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to hit dice). However, if the wielder chooses to naturally cast Righteous Blow while in the radiance (not merely use it as a spell-like ability), the spell will benefit the wielder’s next two successful attacks instead of just the first (though both attacks must still be made within the spell’s duration). Crusader’s Edge does not grant these benefits if somehow wielded in one hand.

Additionally, twice per day as an attack action, an attuned wielder can strike the point of the longspear into the ground beneath them. Roll to-hit (most ground has an AC of 5) and damage as normal – if the physical damage of the attack exceeds the ground’s hardness (0 for loose soil, 3 for hard-packed soil, 8 for stone, etc), the wielder succeeded in planting the spear into the ground. So planted, Crusader’s Edge lets loose a wave of divine energy which surges through the ground, and exploding upwards into the sky as a cascade of golden light. All evil creatures within the area of the holy energy (a 20-ft radius burst centered at one corner of the wielder’s space) take 15d6 points of divine damage and all neutral creatures 7d8 points of divine damage (Will DC 14 plus the wielder’s Strength modifier or Wisdom modifier for half; CL 15 if checking against SR).

Crusader’s Edge remains stuck in the ground after being so planted, requiring a Strength check DC 5 plus twice the hardness of the ground to recover it (a move action which provokes attacks of opportunity). The longspear resists being pulled out of the ground by anyone but it’s attuned wielder or a Crusader, increasing their Strength check DC to remove it by 20.

The barest outline of a smith’s mark is visible on the base of the weapon. While it appears somewhat similar kip or kanji, the text is otherwise unintelligible.

Morphic (Magna-Sword): As a swift action, you may cause the weapon to shift between its base form and that of a magna-sword. While a magna-sword: 17 Hardness, 40 Hit Points (Increase by 10 for every size above medium)

Sizing (Large): As a swift action, you may cause the weapon to change it’s base size category to size large or back to size medium. This enchantment may only be placed on altered, innately magical, or other types of magical weapons that cannot be changed.

Altered: Three times per day as a swift action, the wielder may increase the reach of Crusader’s Edge, granting the weapon the benefits of Stretch Weapon until the end of their turn. Alternately, the wielder may choose to reduce the reach of Crusader’s Edge, making it lose the reach quality until the end of their turn.

Sacred Burst: This weapon deals an additional 1d6 points of holy damage when striking an evil undead (or 2d6 if striking an evil outsider). The weapon deals an extra 1d10 points of holy damage against an evil undead (or 2d10 against an evil outsider) on a successful critical hit. If the weapon’s critical multiplier is x3, add an extra 2d10 points of holy damage instead (4d10 vs an evil outsider), and if the multiplier is x4, add an extra 3d10 points (6d10 vs an evil outsider).


Crusader's Edge

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