Collar of Self Preservation

In case of emergency...


This collar, sized for a large serpentine neck such as of a drake or dragon, is wrought from fine silver, and bears adornments of wheat and shields and a Leonin sigil for ‘healing.’

This item functions as a Collar of Healing — It functions only when worn by your animal companion, familiar, or special mount. While that creature wears the collar, you always know its exact hit point total. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation. In addition, you can activate the collar from any distance (as long as you are on the same plane) to cure the animal wearing it. This instantly heals the creature wearing the collar of 50 points of damage and removes the fatigued or exhausted condition (if the creature currently suffers from such). This ability functions once per day.

The collar also contains the effects of a Crystal of Healing Hands — A person with the lay on hands class feature can direct one use of this energy into the collar, which stores it until the wearer speaks a command word to release it. Releasing the energy targets the wearer with the stored lay on hands effect, as if touched by the person who infused the collar with its power. The collar can contain a single use of the lay on hands class feature. When filled with this magic, it begins to glow with a pearly white light. The wearer of the collar can order it to release its energy as a standard action. This acts identically to receiving the lay on hands directly from the person who channeled it into the collar, including any mercies they had at the time.

In addition, once per day, should the wearer be reduced to 0 or fewer HP, he immediately receives the benefits of a contingent “Heal” spell, caster level 11.

Lastly, the collar also provides the wearer with a +5 resistance bonus to Fortitude and Reflex saving throws, and a +6 Resistance bonus to Will saving throws. This is a constant effect and requires no activation.


Collar of Self Preservation

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