Cloak of the Grove Guardian


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Verdant Defenders – Altered: When the bearer of this cloak is in grave danger, plants will spring forth from the grove guardian’s wings to defend them. Once per day, when the Contingent Heal effect on this cloak triggers, 1d3 Grove Guardian Mounds spring forth. The Guardian Mounds appear as adjacent to the bearer as possible and acts immediately after them. If the bearer has Speak with Plants or may otherwise communicate with plants, they may command the Guardian Mounds, otherwise the plant creatures will attempt to defend the bearer and strike down any obvious nearby enemies. This conjuration otherwise acts as a Summon Monster 7 spell (CL 13).

Once while the Guardian Mounds are active, one of the mounds may transform and surround the bearer of the cloak as an immobile, wooden, web-like globe. This acts like Ablative Sphere, except attacks against the sphere must meet the mound’s AC and deal damage to the mound. The Guardian Mound must spend a standard action to activate this effect or to end it. While so transformed, the mound may take no other actions but to end the transformation.


Cloak of the Grove Guardian

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