Circlet of Rapid Response


A circlet of burnished silver inlaid with a wonderfully carved demon horn. The circlet appears to vibrate ever so slightly.

Circlet of Rapid Response
  • Type: Headband
  • Material: Shard of an Elder Nabassu Horn (CR 16 Demon; Great quality material)
  • Craft Check: 36
  • Caster Level: 11

The circlet of rapid response is a Crafter item themed to quick spell responses. The item is currently enchanted with the following effects.

Fuel the Flames: 3 times a day, when a spell cast by the bearer with a duration measured in caster levels would have its duration naturally end, they may expend a swift action and spend the equivalent mana to the original casting of the spell to renew its duration. This restarted duration is unaffected by any item enhancement or other augmentations the original spell may have benefited from, but apart from that the spell remains the same.

Rapid Casting: This item has 3 charges, renewed at dawn of each day, and can be expended to provide one of the following bonuses.

  • 1 charge: Quicken up to a 2nd level spell
  • 2 charges: Quicken up to a 3rd level spell
  • 3 charges: Quicken up to a 4th level spell

Resonant Initiative: When rolling initiative when in the same combat as other wearers of this ability, you roll initiative together

Metamagics: The wearer of this circlet acts gains the benefit of the Quicken and Rapid Spell Metamagic


Circlet of Rapid Response

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