Cerastes Staff

weapon (melee)

A skillfully carved staff, each end carved in the likeness of a horned viper with hardened fangs. One half of the staff has been stained is a pale green, while the other has been stained is a deep black.

Cerastes Staff
  • Type: Innately Magical Masterwork Quarterstaff
  • Material (primary and secondary): Yew Wood (Good material); 5 hardness, 5 hit points
  • Craft: 36
  • Caster Level: 11

The snake heads off this staff allow it to deal bludgeoning or piercing damage. Each head of the staff can hold and deliver one dose of stored poison (requiring the staff deal piercing damage). If touching a poison or striking a venomous creature while dealing piercing damage, the wielder may expend a swift action to draw in a dose of their venom (Creatures may resist with a Fortitude save DC 10 plus the wielder’s ranks in Heal or Craft (Poisons) to resist). If the staff is emptied of venom and both ends are carefully inserted into two willing creatures (a Heal check DC 20 may do so without inflicting damage, otherwise dealing 1d6 points of piercing damage to each creature), a non-magical toxin afflicting one creature may be transferred into the other. Inserting both ends of the staff and transferring the toxin requires both creatures be adjacent and is a full-round action.

The staff is capable of transforming into a size large horned viper, a creature mythically known as a cerastes, that has an Intelligence of 13 and the ability to understand Common. While so transformed, the snake will follow any order its owner gives to defend them or to aid them in one of two tasks:

  • If activated while holding the pale green end, the viper can assist with only Heal checks but will grant a +3 bonus, or a +5 if assisting with a task involving venoms, such as creating antitoxins or removing toxins from a creature.
  • If activated while holding the black end, the viper can assist only skill checks made to create poisons or toxins, granting a +5 bonus.

The staff may only assume it’s non-staff form for only 24 hours per week, but the duration need not be continuous (measured in 1 hour increments). If slain while in this snake form, the item simply reverts to it’s staff form that can be used again at a later time. Much like with a conjuration, when reverted to it’s staff form, any poison the snake created not currently afflicting a creature instantly dissipates.

Each end of this staff possesses the Piercing and Oil Chamber (the latter having been modified as noted above through it’s magics).


Cerastes Staff

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