Bracers of Compensation

It isn't that you're better, it's that you're less worse


These golden bracers are emblazoned with stereotypical scenes of great heroism by paladins — exaggeratedly so. They assist otherwise lackluster paladins in living up to what is expected of them.

To compensate for a lack of Paladin-ish power, the Bracers of Compensation function as the Bracers of the Merciful Knight and Bracers of the Avenging Knight simultaneously — If the wearer has levels in a class that grants a smite ability (such as a paladin, or a cleric with the Destruction domain), his smite damage is treated as though he were a member of that class four levels higher. In addition, when the bracers are worn by a paladin, he is considered four levels higher for the purposes of determining the uses per day and healing provided by his lay on hands class feature. Additionally, once per day, the wearer can infuse a use of lay on hands with additional power, providing relief as a lesser restoration spell.

Lastly, to compensate for insufficient education, the bracers also infuse their wearer with a great wisdom and understand of curing bodily and spiritual ailments, functioning as a Merciful Baldric — Once per day, a paladin wearing this baldric can select three extra mercies of his level or lower he does not already know and add them to the list of mercies he can use for the day. He has access to these mercies for 24 hours. When the wearer uses a mercy to remove a condition caused by a curse, disease, or poison, the mercy actually cures the source curse, disease, or poison rather than merely suppressing it for 1 hour.


Bracers of Compensation

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