Boots of the Sun Strider


A pair of well-work crimson boots, adorned with stylized images of fire, dunes, and desert winds. Though originally made for humanoid feet, small holes have been worked in the front of the boots, clearly done to allow room for the clawed feet of a viashino.

Boots of the Sun Strider
  • Type: Boots
  • Material: Jhovall Hide (Good quality material)
  • Craft Check: 26
  • Caster Level: 12

The Boots of the Sun Strider is a Crafter item themed towards moving fire. The item is enchanted with the following effects.

Sun Strider: Whenever the wearer of these boots casts an offensive Fire spell with a radius effect (such as Burning Hands), the wearer may spend a move action to meld into the fire and travel to any point within or adjacent to the radius of the effect. This is a transmutation effect, literally merging the casters form into the fire, thus the fire spell must have a continuous effect from the casters origin to its end location or a part of the radius effect must end adjacent to the caster (such the bead of fire from a Fireball or a Flamestrike that strikes adjacent to the wearer). The wearer may choose to meld into the fire as a free action, but must take Arcane damage equal to the full amount of damage dealt by the spell, coming out the other end burnt and blistered.

A creature using these boots that possess a burrow speed may travel into the ground through this effect (so long as it’s of appropriate material for his burrow), allowing him to make a Stealth check as a free action while disappearing into the burnt soil, leaving no trace of his movement above.

Fireball: Twice per day as a standard action, the wearer may activate the boots to cast a Fireball spell (CL 5). The wearer may use the boot’s Sun Strider ability to travel through this fireball, even though they themself did not cast it.


Boots of the Sun Strider

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