Belt of the Young Guardian


These soft deer hide belt are expertly set with pale aquamarine dragon scales of a Guardian Dragon. Crafted of his own scales, Vorosh the Younger gifted these dweomered dragonscale belts to the party as a memento of his time with them.

Belt of the Young Guardian
  • Type: Dweomered Dragonscale Belt
  • Material: Young Adult Guardian Dragonscale (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 24
  • Caster Level: 7

The wearer of this belt gains the ability to breathe water, but loses the ability to breathe air. His legs merge into a large merfolk-like tail and gains a swim speed equal to his base land speed, along with the other benefits of having a swim speed, but his land speed becomes 5 feet while wearing the belt. The scales of this tail mirror the pale aquamarine of Vorosh the Younger and are distinctly draconic in nature, the fins matching his nearly-white wing membranes. After removing the Belt of the Young Guardian, the wearer resumes breathing air and his legs return to normal.

The magic in this belt is unusually weak for the effect it accomplishes, allowing it to function farther out into the ocean than many similar magics.


Belt of the Young Guardian

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