Amulet of Heaven's Wrath


This exquisitely crafted Serran Holy Symbol is a deep red with veins of a pale gold crystal running through it. The blade of the sword is of the same gold crystal, quite large and reminiscent of a Magna-Sword.

Amulet of Heaven’s Wrath
  • Type: Serran Holy Symbol Amulet
  • Material: Castle-Forged Light Frystalline Flametouched Iron (Great quality material)
  • Craft Check: 70
  • Caster Level: 7

The Amulet of Heaven’s Wrath is a Crafter item themed towards enhancing a Justicar’s offensive power against the irredeemably evil. The item is enchanted with the following effects:

Aligned Foe: Grants a Justicar with the Faith’s Favored Foe (Evil) ability twice the bonus that justicar would normally receive.

Chasuble of Holy Power: When an individual wearing this holy symbol casts a good-aligned spell that does damage (such as the spell Righteous Blow), that spell deals an additional 2d6 damage.

Holy Brilliance: For one hour, as a standard action, cause a single weapon the wearer has on their person to deal an additional 1d6 holy damage. This bonus does not stack with the Holy Weapon Enchantment, and can be ended as a move action on a given weapon. Should the amulet be removed or the weapon held by another creature, this effect ends.


Amulet of Heaven's Wrath

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