Amulet of Aerial Aid


A beautifully carved amulet of hornbill ivory on a short silver wheat link chain. The carved feathers of the birds appear to ripple from time to time, as if the birds were truly in flight.

Amulet of Aerial Aid
  • Type: Altered Small Amulet
  • Material: Hornbill Ivory (Great quality material)
  • Craft Check: 49
  • Caster Level: 3

The Amulet of Aerial Aid is a Crafter item themed towards airborne assistance. The item is enchanted with the following effects.

Teamwork: When the wearer successfully uses the aid another action, the bonus granted to your ally improves by +1.

Levitate: On command, the wearer gains the benefits of Levitation (CL 3), but is limited to floating up to a maximum of 20 ft above a solid and stable surface.

Mystic Hands – Altered: The wearer gains a pair of faintly visible “hands” of telekinetic force. These hands have a reach of 5 ft, are capable of fine manipulation identical to that of normal hands, and do not require a concentration check to use. These hands otherwise act as-per Mage Hand, and are notably only capable of manipulating non-magical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lbs. While the “hands” cannot exert force against an object they cannot lift, they may be able to manipulate a small part of an item otherwise too heavy (such as moving the relatively light pages within a heavy tome they could not normally lift; GM discretion).


Amulet of Aerial Aid

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