Party Backpack

Drinking Fund
  • 174 Gold, 14 Silver, 6 Copper (Celanthiral Coin)
  • 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 7 Copper (Dwarven “Coin” – gold ingots)
  • 9 Plat
  • 15 Trail Rations
Loot Quality (Craft) Net Value in GP Quantity
Shot Glasses Poor - 5
Elder Rage Vortex Core - Unknown (1000 GP Each?) 3
Kyscu Drake Skull - None, Decorative 1
Lightning Tree Wood Staves (Currently Shards, needs to be fused together) - - 5
Bag of Tavka - - 3
Blazing Hellion Gems - 1400 GP 12
Blazing Hellion Hide Part Average 700 GP 6
Blazing Hellion Hide Part Good 1050 GP 5
Mettalic Ooze Crystals Average 50 GP 61
Adamantine Nuggets Poor 5 GP 510
Adamantine Clumps Poor 90 GP 38
Magical Items Effect Quality (Craft) Who is Carrying
Pearls of Speech Auran, Celestial, Old Elven, Old Kip 2400 GP (Total Worth) Cayden
Ashen Band - - Reikhardt
Toy Rowboat - - At Reikhardt’s side
Necreast - - In Party Bag
Frogstone - - In Party Bag
Staff of Teleport 1 charge for Teleport, 10 of 10 remaining Spinel Oak Staff (Craft 31) Cayden
Spinel Dagger of Gate 4 times a month, Gate (CL 17) Great Quality Spinel (Craft 54) Reikhardt
Helm of Opposite Alignment (NOT CURSED) - - In Party Bag
Faewoods Field Guide Specialized Tome about the Fae, grants Knowledge (Nature) someone without - Reikhardt
Portal Paint Can make a doorway through solid surface. 3 more uses - In Party Bag
Paradise Figurine Creates a Bird of Paradise like conjuration, including Calm Emotions effect - Cayden
Glyph of Isolationism Separates whatever it up on it into separate piles - Ned
Tasteful Shorts - - In Party Bag
The Transformation of Beauty True rune that gives +2 bonus to Charisma checks and social skills - Ned
Mantle of Hidden Faith Protects against finding alignment, diety, and even an aura. - Rekhardt
Dreamshard Gift from the Dreamsage - Ned
Magic Keeper Paper Gets a message directly to Lexi 16 Ned
Staff of Planar Sending For Sending messages across the planes Great Quality Diamond (Craft 41) Ned
Portal-ble Hole For further storage Canvas (Craft 36) Ned
Tiki Horde From the tiki adventure Poor Quality Bone (Craft 31) Reikhardt
Wayfinder’s Topiary To give you an extra out Average Quality Amethyst (Craft 26) Reikhardt
Immovable Rod - Poor Quality Reikhardt
Fettergeist Chain A silver chain etched with strange and haunting symbols, recognizable to some as Necril. The chain acts as a unique focus for Speak with Dead and Speak with Haunt, increasing the Will save to resist such spells by +2 and decreasing the mana cost to cast them by 2 - Reikhardt
1/Day Teleport Movement Ornamental Dagger Reikhardt
1/Day Guiding Star Securing Movement Ornamental Dagger Ned
Constant Speak with Animals Great Quality Quartz (DC 37) Third Eye Cayden
Spell Page Base Item Quality (Craft) Who is Carrying
Invisibility Purge Ornamental Dagger - Reikhardt
Invisibility Ornamental Dagger - Cayden
Create Water Ornamental Dagger - Cayden
Dimensional Anchor Ornamental Dagger - Cayden
Cloud Wings Stormkite Painting on Cloud Cotton Canvas Average (34) Cayden
Speak with Plants Rehi-gul a cin (Plant Magic and You), Signed Introductory Text by Calian Alsan, Associate Professor - Cayden
Fabricate Ornamental Dagger - Cayden
Mage Armor, Greater Portrait of a Breastplate, with Waterstar Ink Average (32) Cayden
Light (Red, White, and Blue) Lamp - Cayden
Divine Insight Serran Holy Book - Cayden
Detect Magic (All but Black) Introductory Guide to the Arcane - Cayden
Cultural Adaptation Illustrated Book of Sayings: Curious Expressions from Around Creed Average (36) Cayden
Lesser Restoration Healer’s Field Guide - Cayden
Heroism Keeper’s Report detailing the life of the Hero, Paladin Sagro - Cayden
Guiding Star Map of Creed in Sapphire Inks Average (32) Cayden
Art Quality (Craft) Net Value in GP Quantity
Map to Lakeside Cavern - 2000-2500 GP 1
Gems Quality Net Value in GP Quantity
- - - -

Party Alchemy Supplies

Player Holdings

Party Security Deposit

The following have been deposited with the Keepers into an account accessible by any among the Strange Company or the Silver Sabers.

  • Reikhardt’s grooming brush, some hair from Reikhardt’s mane, a leonin statuette
  • Ned’s vial of his own ashes, some of Ned’s hair, a shapeshifter statuette
  • A desert dragonscale owned by Fire-Feather, some of Fire-Feather’s hair, a kitsune/fire-angel half-breed statuette
  • Cayden’s map-kit compass, some of Cayden’s hair, a lesser angel statuette
  • Ethan’s favorite arrow, a clipping of Ethan’s fur, a catfolk statuette
  • Jayden’s first scimitar, some of Jayden’s hair, a human statuette
  • Simon’s silver dagger, some of Simon’s hair, an elven statuette
  • Ashling’s first delivery contract, a shard from Ashling’s shoulder spines, a flamekin statuette
Party Mail
  • Bundle of Letters from Starfork
  • Small Package From Mudu, Sarta, and Selena
  • Grouping of Letters from House Duvain
  • Letter from Sagro and Gustav
  • Letter from Harris
  • Package from Star Ears
  • Letter from Lexi
  • Letter from Sanctuary
  • Package from Goldnight (‘To Those Who Defend the Weak’)
  • Letter from Chimera (‘To Everyone Who is in the Dreamscape’)

Party Backpack

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